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Simplicity is our key to keeping your business on the profit line, Our system is simple as a cake and trusted by hundreds of companies. - Try It for Free 15 days trial, No credit card required.

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Our best apps

CRM - Customer relationship management

HRM - Human resource management

SCM - Supply chain management

NMS - notification management system

RMS - Restaurant management system

Catalogue QR

AMS - Asset management system

MSM - Mobile Software Management

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Screenshot from Albite ERP setting page

Your System is Yours

In our professional ERP system you will have the total control on your system you will not have to come back to make some changes you can do it by your self. you can change:

  • Business name
  • Start Date
  • Set Default Profit margin
  • Currency
  • Timezone
  • Logo
  • Financial year: For some countries, the financial year starts from January and for some it stars on April. Here you can set the appropriate option for your country.
  • Tax information

Be on track of your Business

In our professional ERP system you will have access on over 17 international reports about your business, Profit/Loss report ,Activity Log, Product Report, Stock Report, etc …

screenshot that show different type of report in albite ERP
Screnshot that show the nofication in Albite ERP

Notification makes your business live

Never miss another payment, with our professional ERP system you can send notification to customers or suppliers on four different channel Whatsapp, Nexmo, Twilio, Email SMTP.

QR technology is on fire

You need catalogue for your items or your products in our professional ERP we have QR code generator to make your products and items on a catalogue to send it to the customers to make sales like crazy.

Albite ERP QR cataloge page
Screnshot from Albite ERP Invoice page

Invoice Designer to look Professional

Beside of our ERP system that is multi business location we have invoice designer that you can design your own design for every part of sales and business locations, Design Invoices As much As you can.

Human Resource Department Loves you

Our ERP system will come with a Human Resource System that will make you HR department of your company loves you to the moon and back.

Scren show from HRM module in Albite ERP
Screnshot from ALbite ERP Booking system

Let your customers book your services

In our professional ERP system you can set reservations for your services to your customers and send notifications in four channels Whatsapp, nexmo, twilio, Email SMTP to let them know that they have reservation in that time stamp.

Where Ever your are , When Ever you want

In our professional ERP system have a mobile application that will can be used offline when it goes online will sync the data to the main database, You will not loos power when you are on holidays.

Albite ERP mobile app
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